Image Consulting

What is Image Consulting ...

Image Consulting is far beyond a fashion consultancy. It is a work with a direct and personalized approach, built from detailed research about who you are and what you desire to express. It can be for you or for your company, based on color and styling methodology.

... and who am I?

I am Jana Ricordi, Image Consultant specialized in Colour Analysis by Studio Immagine and Manu Carvalho Style. With a background in Hospitality and with more than 10 years of experience in sales, I decided to gather my passion for sales, training and fashion in one.

My personal experience with Image Consulting was fantastic. I learned all about my personal colours, styling techniques for my body type and decided to pursue this career and provide this knowledge to more people.

It changed the way I see myself and the best choices of makeup, accessories, clothing according to my own style.

You can choose Image Consulting for many different reasons: it can be to change your professional image, or because you changed your lifestyle or because you want to learn the best colours for your beauty and use them in your favour for example.

If you have a clothing store, let's chat on how I can provide a service to your sales team or your customers.

We will work together on how to achieve your goals.

Personal Services


Precautions actions are in place. All material and fabrics are cleaned after each consultation and usage of masks and gloves incorporated.


In this process you discover your colour palette and other characteristics of your coloring, to know your best colours for clothes, makeup, accessories and hair. You receive a personalized virtual manual with guidelines.

The goal here is to get to know each other better to filter the items that make you feel good. This makes it easier to combine colours, purchase new clothes, accessories, when putting on makeup and even deciding a hair tone.

Duration: 2 hours


In this process, I make an analysis of your personal colors, body type, face shape, and personal style, with tools and techniques of image consulting. You discover your best colours and shapes for body and face. It even better defines your style according to your personality.

We will also pick up to 5 items of your closet that you would like to wear more or style differently and I will give you tips on how to wear them based on your style. You will receive a tailor-made manual with your information.

With all this information we created a kind of "recipe" of what works best for you, for your face, body based on your personality. You will have a complete foundation to strengthen your image and, most importantly, feel good!

Duration: 3 hours


Every time you travel you end up taking everything or less than you need? Especially the pieces that you don't use in your day-to-day life, but you are sure that you will use them on the trip. In the end you are overweight and end up wasting time dressing up?! Let's assemble a compact suitcase with countless looks. I promise you won't be wearing the same clothes in every photo. Your mission will be just to enjoy the trip.

Duration: 2 hours


It is an easier and practical analysis of your professional or personal needs of image. We will work remotely on your style based on pictures of you, a questionnaire, style references you like, things you dislike and we will have a nice and fun online chat about your image and clarify all doubts you might have.

You will receive a fully personalized guide with information about our conversation, pictures of clothing, shapes, prints, accessories, and shoes according to your new personal style, body, and face proportions.

Duration: 2 hours

Corporate Services


The image consulting offers resources are not only to improve the image of your team, but can also give new qualifications to your sales, fashion or beauty team. It can be difficult for a company to address the presentation of its employees. For this reason, some delegate this task to a professional. It can be a great differentiator for your sales force. It is a tailor-made presentation based on your company’s profile and goals.


The workshop format will disseminate image consulting tools and styling tricks for women looking to enhance their own style and feel more confident. With large classes or small groups, depending on what the client needs. The content can be about consulting techniques in general or be focused on a specific theme, such as "style after motherhood", "style in any physical form", "style at work", “how to plan your vacation suitcase”, among many others.